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World-Class Support.

Redefining Customer Support ...

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At FPX, client support goes far beyond the delivery of world-class technical support services. We are guided by a value-added service program designed to drive higher business value for all FPX customers. Our support for your success begins before implementation of FPX solutions and continues through the life of your contract. Our customer success professionals – not quota-bearing sales people – will work with you to define and document your stated business goals, success factors and targeted key performance indicators (KPIs).

After an FPX solution is deployed, we’ll meet with you every quarter to ensure your forecasted business outcomes are achieved. As an advocate for your business, your dedicated FPX customer success manager will also identify areas of re-use for FPX solutions, so that your company can realize its full potential.

Customized value-added programs are one reason our clients engage FPX solutions for years. It’s not surprising that our customer retention rates exceed 98% – far greater than anyone in our industry.


FPX Support

Expert Support or Seamless Product Updates ...

In addition to world-class customer support programs, we were the first vendor to bring a full-suite of SaaS-based Quote-to-Order applications to market in 2004. We bring over 10 years of domain experience in multi-tenant SaaS applications to all application upgrades and enhancements. With FPX, you are free to leverage all new and compelling features without being tied to a legacy release cycle or severely limited product customizations.

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