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Visual Selling

You can't make money unless buyers can find what you're selling

Visual Selling ...

Companies cannot sell what buyers cannot find.

Increase revenue from online channels by making it easier for customers to select and configure the exact products they're looking for.

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B2B Buyers Are Not Talking with You. They're Online...

Now more than ever, B2B business will need to be conducted virtually to meet customer expectations, In fact, more than 70 percent of B2B buyers have their needs fully defined before ever engaging with a sales rep.****

While some early adopting companies have embraced this paradigm shift, many manufacturers have not invested to monetize the digital buying experiences they deliver to customers.



Navigation & Search Are Not Built for B2B Buyer Needs ...

Current B2B Commerce platforms do not work for B2B products.  B2B products are more complex than B2C SKUs that Commerce platform catalogs are built for.  

Faceted search and navigation functionality, based on B2C catalogs, leave B2B buyers lost.  Conversion rates fall and cost of sales go up, because buyers can not find what they’re looking for.

B2B buyers need a solution that quickly gets them what they need, making buying an easy and visual experience.  


Visual Selling is the Missing Link...

With FPX's Visual Selling solution, you can inject the knowledge of your best sellers into every customer interaction--whether online or offline--and remove fiction from buying and selling manufactured goods.

With Visual Selling, manufacturers can deliver:

  • True digital solution selling
  • Easy B2B catalog maintenance
  • Online sale of configurable and engineer-to-order products
  • Price rules to optimize revenue and margin






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FPX Helps Manufactuers Win More, Win Faster & Win Profitably...

The key thing about [FPX] Configure Price Quote, is to turn what is currently a complex process into something that is simpler, faster and reliable.

Honeywell Building Solutions

The role of our [FPX] CPQ system is critical.

Daimler Trucks

We run our business on CPQ. FPX is feature rich, 100% accurate and stable.

Hitachi Vantara

FPX CPQ is a mature solution... suitable for enterprises with complex requirements.


FPX understands the importance of B2B CX and has plans to simplify and unify these experiences across channels.