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FPX CPQ For Manufacturing

Configure Price Quote Built for Manufacturers.

What is the best CPQ solution for manufacturing?

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions allow manufacturers to accurately configure their complex products and services, ensure the correct price, and deliver a personalized quote to the customer in a fraction of the time it takes a salesperson to manually send a proposal using spreadsheets or other outdated technologies.

By taking what was a slow, manual, error-prone quoting process and transforming it into a fast, simple and 100% accurate experience for both your sellers and customers, CPQ applications deliver significant return on investment (ROI) to manufacturers as they get quotes out to the customer faster, ensure each configured order is built and priced to spec, and sellers stop wasting time juggling spreadsheets and waiting on approvals and actually focus on their prospects and customers.

When evaluating CPQ solutions, manufacturers need to consider their specific requirements and choose a vendor that can easily integrate with their existing tech stack while remaining flexible enough to adapt as systems change.

Scroll down to learn why FPX CPQ is the best CPQ solution for manufacturers that want to start selling faster and smarter through a great user experience.

CPQ helps businesses do more

CPQ built for manufacturers and backed by experience ...

When manufacturers need to improve their quoting process, they look to CPQ vendors like FPX with experience guiding other manufacturing companies to success. At FPX, we are CPQ for the manufacturing industry. We bring decades of experience working with manufacturers in HVAC, high-tech hardware and software, automotive including fleet trucks and vehicles, aerospace, and numerous others.

Combining our unmatched domain expertise with our proven CPQ application, we understand the challenges facing manufacturers and deliver the guidance, support and CPQ solutions that drive efficiency, greater revenue, improve margin, and delight users.

Why would you trust your business to a vendor that focuses on providing eCommerce platforms, or just quoting software, or attempts to be everything to everybody? Wouldn't you rather work with a vendor that knows your business, has a solution that’s proven to work with companies with similar requirements, and has the expertise to guide you toward a successful outcome? The answer should be simple.

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Easy integration to existing CRM and other Systems ...

When implementing a CPQ solution, you want to get up and running as quickly as possible so you can start seeing ROI. At FPX, our platform-agnostic architecture allows us to plug-and-play with any existing system. Additionally, we provide pre-built integrations to many of the most common CRM systems out there, so you can feel confident knowing your CPQ solution will be integrated successfully and up and running quickly.

By selecting platform-agnostic CPQ software for manufacturing, you’re future-proofing your business. Chances are, your tech ecosystem will evolve over time. Whether you’re adding new solutions organically or change is forced upon you through mergers or an acquisition, having a flexible CPQ solution ensures your investment is protected for years to come.

Some of our pre-built CRM integrations include:

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Pre-built connectors to ERP solutions include:

  • Oracle EBS
  • SAP ECC and Variant Configuration
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

FPX CPQ also delivers pre-built integrations to eCommerce providers such as:

  • SAP Hybris
  • Magento Commerce (Adobe)

CPQ Microsoft Dynamics

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Visual configuration builds buyer confidence ...

When customers can see the solution they’re configuring, they’re more confident and willing to buy. With FPX CPQ product visualization for manufacturing, users can engage with the product they’re building in real time. When they make a change to a part, color or other feature, the dynamic rendering updates right before their eyes. More than just a ‘nice to have,’ dynamic 3D visualization helps to shorten the sales cycle and ensures customers get precisely what they want with every engagement.

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Guided selling ensures the right product with every engagement ...

One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers is ensuring their sellers and customers accurately configure engineer-to-order (ETO) and build-to-order (BTO) solutions. A single error or miscalculation due to manual processes can delay an order, require engineers to come in and make it right, and ultimately send a customer into the arms of a competitor.

With FPX’s rules- and behavior-based configuration engine, sellers and self-service users are guided through the configuration process to ensure the right solution, at the right price, every single time.

Not only does guided selling for manufacturing allow self-service customers to confidently find the right solution, but new direct and indirect sellers can ramp up quickly and start selling like your most experienced reps right away.


The best CPQ user experience across all channels ...

In surveys of manufacturers, a majority of respondents said that delivering a better customer and user experience is a top priority in this age of digital transformation. Part of that transformation means updating technologies that can help facilitate that better user and customer experience.

FPX CPQ checks all the boxes for creating a better customer experience for manufacturers as they sell smarter and faster while delivering quick ROI that can be put back into the business. Faster quoting, accurate configurations and pricing, the ability to deliver configurable products and services through an eCommerce offering, and numerous other benefits are why in a study conducted by Forrester Consulting showed that FPX CPQ delivered a 315% ROI to manufacturers.

FPX CPQ For Manufacturing

Top features to look for in a CPQ solution ...

When manufacturing companies need to sell faster and more efficiently while delivering a better overall experience to users and customers, there are specific capabilities they need to look for in a CPQ vendor. Below are a few of the most important CPQ features and functions to consider during your CPQ search:

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Contact us to discover the best CPQ application for manufacturing...

Talk with our experts, share what your business is looking to accomplish, and let us guide you to the best possible CPQ solution to meet your requirements.

Contact us to schedule a few minutes with an expert and learn a bit more about CPQ by downloading our free report on what manufacturers need from CPQ.

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CPQ is a hot topic ...

Gartner predicts that by 2018, 40% of B2B digital commerce sites will use price optimization algorithms and configure, price, quote (CPQ) tools to calculate and deliver product pricing dynamically.
Louis Columbus

Louis Columbus


While traditionally thought of as a solution to create uniformity in sales pricing, configuration, and quoting, modern CPQ technology can help B2B firms solve their sales complexity challenges and extend the value of their existing sales technologies.
Forrester Research

Forrester Research

Sales representatives can create high-quality quotes quickly. the first quote a customer receives has the highest probability of winning the deal. Implementing a CPQ solution results in faster quotes, a higher close rate, and greater revenue.
Gartner Inc.

Gartner Inc.