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Why do leading companies choose FPX?

FPX helps modern businesses embrace complexity and empower business agility to create a streamlined B2B customer journey across an entire ecosystem of buying and selling channels, including commerce and self-service.

Productized integrations to core technologies, including offerings from SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe and others allows FPX CPQ to be an easily deployable solution for businesses with singular or diverse technology ecosystems.

Seamless deployments mean businesses begin seeing a return on their investments quickly as faster, smarter and more effective quoting, configuration, ecommerce deployment and a more connected organization drive revenue, improve margin contribution and cut costs.

Take a look at Forrester's report: The Complexities of B2B Sales Require Thinking Beyond Today's CPQ. Within you'll find out why leading companies should extend their existing technologies with best-in-class CPQ.


FPX CPQ is an easily deployable solution

FPX for Microsoft

With FPX, Microsoft customers now have the power to deliver efficient, user-centric digital experiences across all buying and selling channels. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and built on Microsoft Azure, FPX enterprise CPQ provides the speed, efficiency, flexibility and security leading businesses require to price, quote, configure and sell complex products and services.

As a mature CPQ solution supporting omnichannel capabilities, FPX’s CPQ application goes beyond quoting and selling. With guided buying and selling, backed by a powerful proprietary engine that makes it possible to source, govern and distribute data across the organization, FPX offers the ability to give modern sellers and their customers what they really want: a consistent and connected user experience.

Ready to learn more about FPX for Microsoft, download the datasheet listed below or check us out on the Microsoft AppSource.


FPX CPQ Integration with Microsoft


To fully deliver on the promise of a seamless buying and selling experience, leading vendors like SAP require solutions that allow prospective and existing customers to extend the capabilities of their SAP systems to source, govern and syndicate data from across diverse product and services offerings — ultimately delivering a solution powerful enough to handle complexity at the enterprise level.

Our Productized Integrations to core SAP technologies, such as SAP Hybris, SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (CRM Cloud), SAP Variant Configuration and SAP ECC — via both YaaS and Data Hub frameworks — allows FPX to be an easily deployable aftermarket solution for existing SAP platforms. Furthermore, our Web Services API layer extends the solution by easily integrating to systems and sources beyond the SAP ecosystem.

To learn more, view our listing on the SAP App Center.




FPX CPQ Integration with SAP

FPX for Salesforce

As one of the first CPQ solutions offered on the AppExchange, FPX has been a good citizen of the Salesforce ecosystem for years. With Salesforce CRM as a primary solution of most direct sales organizations, FPX’s tightly integrated CPQ application allows businesses to leverage valuable customer data to allow sales teams to operate more efficiently and intelligently.

Guided selling, upsell and cross-sell and automated renewals - all based on actual data - make it easier for even the newest salesperson to engage customers with confidence. Furthermore, by connecting Salesforce in the front office with an organization’s back office ERP system, sellers can sell highly configurable products and services knowing they will provide a 100% accurate configuration, with up-to-date pricing, throughout any engagement.

Discover more about FPX CPQ for Salesforce by visiting our listing on the AppExchange.

FPX CPQ Integration with Salesforce.com

FPX for Magento (Adobe)

FPX is a Magento Technology Partner that differentiates itself with unmatched domain expertise in leading industry verticals like manufacturing and possesses a proven ability to easily connect, extend and enhance the capabilities of the Magento Commerce offering for B2B enterprises.

With the proven ability to deliver B2C-like experiences to B2B sellers, FPX provides Magento (Adobe) with a best-in-class CPQ solution that bridges the experiential gaps their customers face when attempting to deliver highly configurable and high consideration products and solutions across a commerce platform.

Visit the Magento Marketplace to learn more about FPX and how it plays a key role in the B2B commerce experience.


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Power | Flexibility | Simplicity

At FPX, simplifying buying and selling experiences to reach modern customers across all channels is in our DNA. For more than 30 years we’ve been innovating and enhancing our CPQ solution to complement and extend the capabilities of our customers’ existing technology investments.

Powerful enough to manage the most complex products and solutions, while nimble enough to advance your business’ delivery strategy, FPX is the business agility engine powering success in the Digital Transformation era.

How do we do it? Download our white paper: CPQ and the Experience Management Revolution:


FPX Enterprise CPQ for complex products and solutions

Enterprise CPQ Connecting Your Business


What people are saying ...

“I can literally have the quote back to the customer in two minutes or less.”
Richard Lefrancois

Richard Lefrancois

Bell Helicopter

“FPX Smart CPQ is a mature solution… suitable for enterprises with complex requirements.”
Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

Gartner Inc.

“FPX understands the importance of B2B CX and has plans to simplify and unify these experiences across channels.”
John Bruno

John Bruno

Forrester Research