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Solutions by Role.

WIth numerous personas involved throughout the sales cycle, FPX CPQ delivers value across all touch points.

Direct Sales ...

Configure-Price-Quote solutions have deep roots as sales enablement tools for manufacturers. Even as CPQ has evolved, sales teams continue to benefit the most from a comprehensive CPQ solution. By enabling fast, accurate quoting and configuration of complex products and services, sales reps can outpace the competition and deliver 100% accurate, to-spec solutions to customers who are unwilling to wait days or weeks for quotes and proposals.

With FPX CPQ, sales reps within manufacturing companies now benefit from guided selling, automated approvals, dynamic document generation, in-flight quote updating, mobile and offline capabilities and numerous other features that make the process of selling an overall better experience for both the seller and the customer.

Configure-Price-Quote Sales Enablement Tools

Partners, Vendors & Resellers...

Manufacturers understand the importance of maintaining a fluid, connected relationship between sections of the businesses that produce products and services and those that bring those solutions to market. At FPX, our CPQ solution built for manufacturers delivers the value of connected and consistent pricing, quoting and configuration capabilities to organizations that are dependent upon advanced partner networks and ecosystems to deliver their products to the end customer.

As a platform-agnostic, modular solution, we seamlessly connect to leading platforms, making it possible for partners as well as manufacturers to maintain up-to-date customer, product, pricing and configuration data across the organization to deliver bundled solutions, special discounting, promotions and other offers that ensure customers receive the solutions they want via an experience that keeps them coming back.

Enterprise CPQ Solution for Partners and Vendors

Direct Users and Customers ...

At FPX, our CPQ solution built for manufacturers facilitates faster, smarter and better buying and selling experiences. It’s simple: we make it easier for sellers to sell and customers to buy. 

There are two sides to every transaction. Not only does our CPQ application make it easier for sales teams to accomplish core functions like quoting and pricing, but it also complements and extends the capabilities for the direct-buying experience in ecommerce platforms.

With FPX CPQ, manufacturers can ensure their customers can configure, price, request quotes and proposals, and complete transactions independently via commerce platforms and portals.

CPQ Improves Buying Experience

Ready to Discover What CPQ Can Do For Your Business?

Today, manufacturers need to deliver value on both sides of every transaction. Sellers need a better and easier way to deliver their solutions, and buyers expect options for a seamless experience from contact to purchase to renewal.

At FPX, our CPQ application gives manufacturers of all types the power and agility necessary to respond to the needs of both buyers and sellers — no matter if it's a highly configurable engineer-to-order offering, and no matter if it's through direct sales or an ecommerce platform.

This is more than just a CPQ application. This is an opportunity to drive revenue, improve margin and achieve success in the era of Digital Transformation.



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