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FPX Solutions by Industry.

Unmatched expertise in manufacturing guiding the world’s leading companies

Automotive and Transportation ...

Relying on vast networks of dealers, vendors and resellers, organizations in the automotive and transportation industries require the ability to quickly, accurately and seamlessly price, quote and configure their complex products and services.

At FPX, our enterprise CPQ solution is backed by our proprietary engine, providing businesses with the flexibility and agility to source, manage and distribute data from across the organization in a single location. With FPX, direct sales teams can confidently quote, price and configure in the field on any device at any time. For partners and dealers, the ability to manage pricing, discounting, bundling and complex configurations with 100% accuracy makes it that much easier to do business. And with FPX’s ability to complement and extend ecommerce solutions, end users can create custom configurations, drag and drop features, view projects in 2D or 3D, and with our rules-based engine, create error-free configurations that can then be sent to the manufacturer or dealer for completion.

In this age where customization is the new standard, FPX and our enterprise CPQ application keeps the automotive industry running strong.


CPQ for Auto and Transportation

Industrial and Discrete Manufacturing ...

For discrete and industrial manufacturers around the world, there’s nothing stock or standard about many of the products and services they create and sell. With complex product offerings that are highly configurable and customized, botched and miscalculated orders are a common reality.

With FPX enterprise CPQ, manufacturers have the tools to configure, price and quote their products and services across all buying and selling channels with complete accuracy and confidence. With our platform-agnostic solution, we plug and play with existing technologies to bridge the front and the back office and make your enterprise’s data accessible and actionable across direct, indirect and ecommerce channels.

Discover how FPX is helping manufacturers reach and retain buyers in this era of empowered customers.


CPQ for Industrial and Discrete Manufacturing

High-Tech Manufacturing ...

High-tech manufacturers around the world deliver innovative products and solutions across extensive networks of dealers, vendors and direct buyers. To accurately configure, price and quote these products and services, these organizations require CPQ solutions that can connect their existing front and back office solutions to create a comprehensive experience for all users, across all channels during every engagement.

At FPX, we believe agility, flexibility and simplicity drive success in this era of Digital Transformation. With the tools to provide error-free orders to customers via whatever buying channel they prefer, organizations can facilitate the type of user experience that attracts and retains modern buyers who expect more from their B2B engagements.

Learn more about FPX, our powerful platform-agnostic solution, as well as the key differentiators setting us apart from other vendors in the market.


CPQ for High-Tech Manufacturing

CPQ for Financial Services ...

Today’s financial services companies are pressed to deliver the options, guidance, and experiences modern customers expect. Whether delivering insurance, lending services, personal or business banking, retirement plans, wealth and financial management solutions, or even health care and other insurance providers, these businesses require the speed, agility and flexibility to keep up in an ever-changing environment dominated by customer choice.

At FPX, our enterprise CPQ solution is ideally suited to address the needs of today’s financial services companies. With the ability to manage, source and distribute data from across the organization, direct and end users benefit from the ability to create and edit policies and documents across multiple parties, establish automated approvals and compliance rules, set up automated renewals, and enhance product and service offerings with guided buying and selling.

With FPX, financial services companies can deliver the optimal user experience throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.


CPQ for Financial Services

Medical Device Manufacturing ...

Manufacturing and delivering the medical devices and technologies that are rapidly changing the face of modern medicine require advanced quoting, pricing and commerce solutions to ensure these transactions are completed efficiently, effectively and are delivered accurately.

In the past, field sales may have had to rely on an assortment of product catalogs, pricing spreadsheets and tribal knowledge to complete a sale. Today, modern CPQ solutions like our FPX enterprise application makes it possible for direct sales, indirect partner channels as well as direct commerce users to assemble, order and maintain complex medical device solutions and services with ease.

With 2D and 3D product imaging, in-flight quote and document updating, guided buying and selling, as well as numerous other core features, FPX CPQ makes the experiences of buying and selling more pleasurable, repeatable and valuable to every user at every touch point.


CPQ for Medical Device Manufacturing

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