Smart Renewal Management


Smart Renewal Management: Optimizing efficiency, boosting revenue

In business, change is constant. Products, services and pricing are dynamic and every quote demands input from many stakeholders. Certain industries – insurance, for example – renew existing plans, subscriptions or licenses by generating a new quote from customer assets and then adjusting, as needed. The typical contract renewal process is time-consuming, error-prone and resource-heavy, requiring days of work across multiple departments.

FPX Smart Renewal Management not only automates the renewal process but also minimizes error and maximizes the value of every sale.

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FPX CPQ solutions make it possible to keep up with the constant changes of modern business by offering real-time updating and other time-saving functionality

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Out of the box, our Smart Renewal Management application:

  • Identifies contracts due for renewal.
  • Defines milestones and assigns responsibilities.
  • Lets you control whether workflow processes are automatically triggered as the result of creating or updating a quote, product or proposal.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce for enhanced import mapping to FPX Smart CPQ or directly to a product configuration.
  • Automatically creates accounts, contacts, notes, opportunities, quotes and proposals, using the renewal import mappings.
  • Gathers all relevant service, asset and entitlement data.
  • Attributes price optimization.
  • Prescribes logical add-ons, guided by FPX Predictive Analytics™.

Designed for immediate benefit

Once the renewal process is in play, FPX SRM:

  • Centralizes the entire deal in one secure location.
  • Enables every sales rep to view the status of any deal and all steps required to close.
  • Tracks all changes, contributors’ notes and edits
  • Alerts you to warning or errors, if any occurred during the renewal process.
  • Identifies any party stalling the process and sends an automated reminder to keep progress moving.
  • Double-checks quotes for accuracy, against your most-up-to-date pricing.
  • Automatically sends completed documents to all parties for online approvals and e-signatures.