Smart CPQ


The start of a CPQ revolution.

Over three decades ago, our Configure-Price-Quote® (CPQ) gave life to sales force automation. At the time, the ability to streamline the sales process, maximize sales effectiveness and boost revenue was unlike anything ever seen before. Companies had the power to discover and realize incredible ROI – and CPQ quickly became a must-have standard business application.

That was basic CPQ. Welcome to the age of Smart CPQ.

FPX helps businesses define Configure Price Quote needs

Why do I need CPQ? Because Smart CPQ helps you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

Today, we continue to revolutionize business with our release of version 9, Smart CPQ. Of course, our latest application does everything basic CPQ can do – with the dramatic addition of superior intelligence and the proven power to transform all areas of business, including sales, vendor and partner channels, as well as the end-user experience via ecommerce. As part of the FPX's single platform of applications, Smart CPQ embeds a predictive analytics engine within its CPQ application to create the next generation of business application.

Smart CPQ transcends the market landscape (view Gartner's 2016 Market Guide to CPQ) to set a new business standard. Now, Fortune 100 companies can run their most sophisticated business processes, enterprise-wide, in the Cloud with confidence.

  • Harnesses your Big Data to build ideal order configuration.
  • Shift standard pricing to real-time price optimization.
  • Transforms quoting into guided selling.
  • Enhances the user experience attract customers and foster loyalty.

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CPQ: Smarter Selling 101

  • Configures all sales orders easily, even when informed by dizzyingly-complex business rules.
  • Seamlessly integrates with leading CRM solutions (SAP, Salesforce and others), for better user adoption.
  • Validates all product/service selections and eliminates costly reworks, encouraging your customers to buy with confidence.
  • Generates instant budgetary quotes, even when based on intricate pricing and discounting rules.
  • Preserves margins by requiring approval for discounts that exceed pre-approved levels.
  • Greatly reduces the time and resources required to move a deal from initial opportunity to closed sale.
  • Generates professional sales proposals that are 100% accurate, customizable and ready for signatures.
  • Creates a consistent and connected user experience that delivers B2C features and functions to a B2B environment.

Configure error-free orders fast.

With our sales order configuration software, your teams configure and
bundle products and services for each customer, quickly and error-free,
using pre-determined rules and permissions.

FPX allows businesses to quickly complete orders


  • Encourages upsell or cross-sell based on customer selections and preferences.
  • Eliminates repetitive inquiries to legal, engineering, development and other internal departments.
  • Facilitates real-time order revisions and product changes.
  • Instantly applies pricing and discount rules.
  • Consolidates and shares product expertise with every member of your sales team.
  • Automatically generates quotes for internal approval before presentation to your customer.

Generate 100% accurate quotes in minutes.

Using the cloud, our quote generation solutions centralize your product catalog and pricing rules, eliminating volumes of confusing, potentially outdated spreadsheets. Apply updated pricing and discounting rules, instantly and accurately. Anytime, anywhere, Smart CPQ produces 100 percent accurate budgetary quotes – in minutes, not days or weeks. Deliver professional, branded and customizable quotes directly to your prospect’s inbox or mobile device.



Easily create professional-looking
proposals in the format of your choice.

With our sales proposal generation software solutions, your reps and
channel partners can automatically generate professionally formatted and branded proposals for any sales situation.

FPX's CPQ functionality included easy document generationBRANDED PROPOSALS


  • Encourages upsell based on customer selections and preferences.
  • Powerful guided selling: each customer can quickly find the products with the best fit, estimate price, and check availability
  • 100% accurate quotes and professionally-branded proposal automation.
  • Validation of selections, eliminating costly reworks and giving your customer the confidence to buy.

Instantly improve the sales effectiveness of your channel partners.


  • Centralizes product and pricing information, providing channel partners with a single, always up-to-date product catalog.
  • Increases sales through guided selling.
  • Enables channel partners to generate consistent documents, including instant budgetary quotes, product data sheets and sales proposals.
  • Protects profit margins based on your business rules.
  • Simplifies product configuration and bundling, helping channel partners present only the products and services relevant to their customers.
  • Provides transparency across the entire deal process, from opportunity to order.