Smart Contract Management


Close deals faster with improved efficiency and complete visibility.

If your company uses email to circulate sales contracts for review and approval, FPX Smart Contract Management can make an immediate, positive impact on business. Smart Contract Management outperforms traditional tools with a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that spans all opportunities, transactions and even existing customer assets.

Our Smart Contract Management application – the only one powered by the FPX Predictive Analytics engine – automatically defines and optimizes the workflow for the entire contract process.

Now, everyone on your team works within one secure, shared location and the deal is visible to all. FPX SCM allows your teams to circulate sales documents, request manager approvals, and obtain e-signatures from both internal and external stakeholders. Your team can invite any individual to complete any step, even those who are not already registered users.

Isn't time to simplify your quote-to-order processes and offer a better, faster and smarter buying experience to your customers?

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With Smart Contract Management, users across your organization as well as customers can view documents, make changes, and acquire approvals quickly and easily

Best-in-class, secure, intuitive.

  • Elegant and intuitive dashboards define milestones for all contracts under review and identify individuals responsible for review.
  • Out of the box, its specialized visual workflow engine can address non-standard contract terms without application customizations.
  • Offers 100% visibility throughout the entire selling and contracting process.
  • Tracks every change, noting every contributor and edit, and stores all versions in one secure place. No more email attachments.
  • Thanks to its embedded eSignature utility, you can move from contract review to revenue events faster.

Smart Contract Management also includes our
robust Workflow Management feature, which:

Intelligent workflows begin with FPX Smart Contract Management
  • Ensures that all quotes and proposals are properly authorized before presentation to customers.
  • Guarantees that proper margins are preserved, by mandating approval for discounts that exceed pre-determined limits.
  • Increases efficiency by moving the approval process along, using automated notifications and enhanced communication.
  • Uses automated record keeping to document every workflow decision for every quote.
  • Supports both tiered and parallel approval processes for maximum flexibility.