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FPX Expert Services

Collaborative Innovation ...

Our Expert Services team is comprised of the most experienced CPQ professionals in the industry. Our team members have been solving complex enterprise sales challenges since 1983. With FPX, your CPQ journey begins and ends with you — your strategy, your process, your people.

Our solution delivery professionals leverage their decades’ worth of experience to tailor an implementation that fits your needs, catering to your unique business processes, data models, strengths/weaknesses, and schedules.

We embrace our ability to create solutions for the most complex business challenges, delivering quality products to the highest level enterprises and driving true business transformation for our customers.

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Our approach is different; and our different approach is better ...

FPX Expert Services delivers a collaborative, hybrid implementation approach, utilizing both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. This Agile-Waterfall approach allows FPX to thoroughly plan the overall design of your solution, prioritize your business requirements, and allow for adaptation without the need for code rewrites.

As the inventor of Configure Price Quote technology, we have a deep understanding of how technologies, standards and requirements change over time. Because FPX CPQ is a platform-agnostic application, our delivery teams are able to configure a solution that’s unique to your business. With productized integrations with leading platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft, our proprietary engine sources your crucial business data — product catalogs, price books, transaction history, and customer information — from diverse systems of record from across your organization with no need for extensive IT development or maintenance.

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