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FPX Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience

Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience

We surveyed 229 B2B decision makers to learn how companies are achieving the most ROI from their IT investments.

FPX Learning Series What is CPQ?

FPX Learning Series: What is CPQ?

What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software and what does it mean for your business? In this video, we explain how today's leading companies transform buying and selling with modern CPQ.


FPX Learning Series: 10 Questions to Include in Your CPQ RFP

Learn the questions you need to include in your RFPs for CPQ providers and find the vendor that's a perfect match for your business.

Getting Your CPQ Project Funded_Cover image

Getting Your CPQ Project Funded

This checklist will help you avoid roadblocks as you plot a course to fund and launch your company's CPQ project.

4 step guide for CPQ implementation

FPX Learning Series: Laying the Groundwork for CPQ Success

Implementing a CPQ system is more complicated than just bolting on a new application to your tech stack. That's why FPX put together a 4 step guide to help companies start seeing ROI faster on their CPQ projects.

What Manufacturers Need From CPQ Cover

What Manufacturers Need from CPQ

No matter your role, this eBook will help you understand how CPQ has evolved for manufacturers and why CPQ needs to be prioritized in your business's digital transformation strategy.

GLG video resources page cover

FPX Learning Series: What I Wish I Knew Before Buying CPQ

Watch the video to hear results of our survey of CPQ buyers and learn a few pitfalls to avoid in the CPQ buying process.

FPX customer success Honeywell

FPX Customer Success: Honeywell Building Solutions

Watch the video to learn how Honeywell Building Solutions uses FPX CPQ to better connect their people, processes, and end customers.

FPX customer success Daimler Trucks

FPX Customer Success: Daimler Trucks North America

For Daimler Trucks North America, FPX CPQ has been a core driver of success for decades. Learn why DTNA runs their business on FPX.

FPX CPQ video

FPX is Enterprise CPQ for B2B Buyers and Sellers

Watch the video and learn why FPX CPQ is the omnichannel-ready solution to bring your business forward in this era of digital transformation.

FPX CPQ for Manufacturing 5 questions

5 Questions Everyone Asks About CPQ

What is CPQ? What will it do for my manufacturing business? How long will it take to get started? At FPX, we hear these questions all the time. That's why we've put together some quick answers to help you get started with CPQ.

CPQ_White Paper

10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Buying CPQ

In this commissioned study, discover what your peers who have purchased CPQ wish they had done differently.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 9.29.20 AM

CPQ For You... And You... And You

Selling more by selling smarter and faster isn't just a sales initiative. For manufacturers, many people and departments contribute to delivering solutions to the customer. In this datasheet, we'll highlight the benefits CPQ brings on a variety of roles in your business.

FPX Novus CPQ podcast

CPQ Podcast: Mark Bartlett, FPX

In this podcast, Mark Bartlett, chief experience officer for FPX, sits down with Frank Sohn, President and CEO of Novus CPQ Consulting, to discuss all things CPQ.

CPQ isn't just for sales

CPQ Isn't Just For Sales: 7-Step Guide To Selling Smarter Through Omnichannel Success

Manufacturers want to sell more and better connect with customers. To accomplish this, an omnichannel strategy is a must. Learn how to optimize your existing sales process to achieve omnichannel success in this quick guide.


10 Questions to Include in Your CPQ RFP

We compiled the top 10 questions you should ask in your RFPx for CPQ software vendors. Learn which questions you need to ask, what to look for in a vendor's response, and how to find the solution provider that best fits your business.


Laying the Groundwork for CPQ Success

Download our 4-step guide to avoid the common delays and pitfalls that can hamper an enterprise-wide CPQ project

Download FPX Data Modeling as a Differentiator white paper

Data Modeling as a Differentiator

With our proprietary engine, your business can harmonize and process diverse data types and sources without ever incurring the added cost of extensive IT development or maintenance. With our solution, your business will have what we call, a “Master Commercial Definition.”

Download the FPX CPQ data sheet

FPX Enterprise CPQ

FPX simplifies buying and selling experiences to align enterprise businesses with the expectations of modern omnichannel customers. Powerful enough to handle any level of complexity, nimble enough to advance your commerce strategy - FPX has it all.

Download the CPQ white paper

CPQ and the Experience Management Revolution

Before setting off on any adventure, you want to take stock of your supplies, your knowledge of the landscape, and assess whether you’re prepared. The same applies when acquiring a CPQ vendor. In this capper, we help you map your foray into CPQ.

Download the CPQ for Auto and Transportation data sheet

Auto and Transportation: CPQ Industry Vertical Solutions

FPX's market leadership is the result of more than 30 years of domain experience in CPQ. Our unmatched expertise helps companies in the auto and transportation industry to match our CPQ solution to the selling and buying needs of their direct, indirect and ecommerce processes.

Download the About FPX data sheet

About FPX

As the inventor of CPQ, we’ve seen technologies, standards and requirements change over time. While other CPQ solutions are great sales and quoting tools, our approach is different. Our flexibility is what gives customers the agility to scale and deliver products across all channels.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 9.23.17 AM

Don't Let Your CPQ Project Fail

Learn from a real CPQ expert in this eBook explaining how to make your CPQ project a success through preparation, planning and consulting with an experienced vendor.

Download the CPQ for Financial Services data sheet

Financial Services: CPQ Industry Vertical Solutions

Our industry-specific CPQ solution for Financial Services industries allows providers to streamline crucial processes across their organization. See how FPX CPQ leverages more than 30 years of best practices to increase efficiency and revenue for Financial Services organizations.

Download the CPQ for MedTech Data Sheet

Healthcare & Medical Device Manufacturing: CPQ Industry Vertical Solutions

At FPX, we understand the unique business requirements of leading health care providers and medical device manufacturers. Learn how our pre-built CPQ solution for health care industries helps companies deliver better experiences to their customers.

Download the CPQ for High Tech Manufacturing data sheet

High Tech Manufacturing: CPQ Industry Vertical Solutions

FPX CPQ is proven to manage the complex rules and attributes required by today’s high-tech manufacturers. With our industry-specific solution, even some of the largest corporations in the world can maximize order potential and profitability.

Download the CPQ for Manufacturing data sheet

Manufacturing: CPQ Industry Vertical Solutions

At FPX, we’ve worked with leading industrial manufacturers from myriad industries overcome their most complex sales challenges. With the power of FPX CPQ, today’s manufacturers introduce modern buying and selling experiences across all sales channels, driving increased revenue and customer loyalty.

Download the CPQ for Telecommunications data sheet

Telecommunications: CPQ Industry Vertical Solutions

Having worked some of the largest telecommunications providers in the world, FPX offers pre-built CPQ solutions for designed to manage even the most complicated of product or pricing structures. See how FPX CPQ for telecom empowers organizations to establish consistent buying and selling experiences.

Download the CPQ for Energy and Utilities data sheet

Energy & Utilities: CPQ Industry Vertical Solutions

With a customer list that includes global energy leaders, FPX offers out-of-the-box CPQ solutions specific to various utilities industries. Learn how FPX’s CPQ solution for energy and utilities providers simplifies intricate and repetitive sales and renewal processes to meet rising customer expectations.

Download the FPX Case Study for Hino Trucks

Case Study: Hino Trucks

Focused on improving the business process for their dealers, Hino Trucks turned to FPX for a CPQ solution that could allow users to accurately spec, price and quote their vehicles. Download the case study to learn how Hino Trucks streamlined their entire quote-to-order process across their vast dealer network with FPX CPQ.

Download the FPX Case Study for Honeywell

Case Study: Honeywell

In an extremely competitive market, Honeywell was challenged to quickly produce accurate quotes and orders. Following the rollout of an enterprise CPQ solution from FPX, Honeywell was able to deliver new levels of efficiency across the entire organization.

Download the FPX Case Study for Mindray

Case Study: Mindray

Mindray North America made the business decision to look for a CPQ solution to improve and automate its complex sales processes. View the free case study to see the sorts of benefits Mindray experiences today from its FPX CPQ solution.

Download the Complex Configuration white paper

FPX Thought Leadership: Rule-Based Configuration

Companies selling complex products and services need a CPQ solution powerful enough to manage their immense product libraries and countless configuration scenarios. Download the Rule-Based Configuration white paper to learn the true power of modern CPQ solutions.

Download the Native vs Nonnative CPQ white paper

How Nonnative CPQ Gives Businesses the Power to Do More

Considering CPQ for your business? Be sure to view this white paper detailing the benefits of a platform-agnostic solution and the issues that can arise when implementing a native application.

Download the Forrester Research report

B2B Sales Require Thinking Beyond Today's CPQ

To create better buying and selling experiences for customers, partners, and sales reps, B2B organizations must solve the complexity problem that accompanies the B2B sales ecosystem. In this Forrester Thought Leadership report commissioned by FPX, researchers explain how CPQ solves this problem for leading companies.

Download the Forrester CPQ Wave Report

The Forrester Wave: Configure-Price-Quote Solutions, Q1 2017

In his evaluation the leading CPQ providers, John Bruno of Forrester Research identified the 11 most significant vendors and gave a full evaluation of their product offerings. Download this exclusive report to see how each provider in the market measures up.

Download the Gartner CPQ Market Guide

Market Guide for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites

Gartner's 2016 Market Guide for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites identified over 50 CPQ vendors and presented several key trends shaping the CPQ sector. Download the exclusive report from leading third-party research firm Gartner, Inc.

FPX CPQ for Ecommerce White Paper

CPQ is a Game Changer for B2B Ecommerce

For B2B sellers, the market has shifted as sales generated from B2B commerce sites now outpace B2C properties. According to Forrester Research, nearly $1.13 trillion will flow through US B2B ecommerce properties by 2020.

FPX CPQ ondemand webinar

Go Beyond CPQ to Address Complexity

In this webinar, FPX is joined by guests Forrester Research and Old World Industries to explore the ways CPQ helps today's B2B companies embrace complexity, drive meaningful changes across the organization, and ultimately better map to the modern customer in this era of Digital Transformation.

5 Ways CPQ Solves Sales Pain

5 Ways CPQ Solves Sales Pain

The challenges involved with the typical B2B sales process can hamper any organization from reaching their full potential. Download this complimentary data sheet to learn the five main ways CPQ can help.

Omnichannel CPQ Webinar

Webinar: Omnichannel Buying Drives the Future of CPQ

In this on-demand webinar, FPX Chief Experience Officer Mark Bartlett is joined by guest Forrester analyst to discuss the two paths CPQ buyers must choose from: Quote-to-Cash or Omnichannel CPQ.


FPX & ZIlliant Data Sheet

Together, FPX and Zilliant embed real-time sales and optimized pricing intelligence into the CPQ experience, allowing B2B companies to maximize the value of every transaction across all buying and selling channels.


Ready to embark on your CPQ journey?