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Project and Quote Management Portal

Manage Quotes and Projects From a Centralized Portal to Quote Faster, More Efficiently and Profitably

Enable collaborative selling across your lead-to-order process ...

When you need to get a quote to a customer quickly, where do your sales reps begin? If it’s a repeat customer, can they quickly pull up previous orders and replicate? Can they find previous product configurations or engineered products with a few clicks? What about managing multiple quotes for a single customer? 

The Project and Quote Management Portal provides a centralized hub to access existing and in-flight quotes and projects with the role-based permissions to ensure approvals and compliance.


Your project and quoting hub ...

Many mechanical equipment manufacturers and distributors we work with come to us because their quoting process is a manual, stitched together mess of spreadsheets. 

The Project and Quote Management Portal replaces those disconnected, manual tools with a centralized portal where sellers, distribution partners, solution engineers and others can save prior product selections, configurations, and completed proposals – it is also the hub for rich selection, configuration, quoting and business intelligence.  


Be the first to deliver a professional, tailored quote package...

The Project and Quote Management Portal allows sellers, distribution partners, specifiers and even end users to create quotations where relevant data automatically imports to update branded cover letters and brochures, attach datasheets and drawingsand quickly deliver a complete and accurate quote package through an automated, permission-based approval process 


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Read what people are saying ...

Unlike other systems, ninety-five percent of what we would ever need is baked into FPX, and they've given us the opportunity to configure it even further to match the uniqueness of our products.

Director of Engineering

A.R. Wilfley

It's not just about configuration of products, it's about a cultural transformation of the front end of our business.

President of Global Sales


FPX had more engineering and pump industry expertise than any other software vendor. Some of their founding partners created the first automated pump selector I ever used. We valued their capabilities and track record. That knowledge shines through in their software.

IT Leader

Pump Manufacturer