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Product Selector

Every Successful Order Starts with Selecting the Right Product

You make highly engineered technology. So do we ...

As a manufacturer, distributor or packager of mechanical equipment like pumps, valves, compressors, motors, heat exchangers, and more, thousands of dollars in hard assets and the incalculable value of your reputation hinge on your ability to select the optimal product for the specific Conditions of Service (COS) . 

Our FPX Intelliquip Selector is tightly integrated to our Configurator, Pricing, and Quoting solutions to ensure fast, accurate product selection and quoting so you can be the first to the customer with a quote or proposal.

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FPX-Intelliquip-Pump Selection Software


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Guided selection based on the conditions of service ...

The FPX Intelliquip Selector is purpose-built to the specific requirements of mechanical equipment manufacturers, distributors and packagers. By simply entering the Conditions of Service (or even limited requirements) sellers or even your customers can self-serve as optimal products are selected among thousands of possibilities. Complete with performance curves, detailed data sheets, and recommended solutions based on pump efficiency or other equipment types, users can use simple online selection to select the right product, configure to specification, and submit a quote or get a price and transact through an ecommerce solution. 


Selecting the right product is never simple. But we made it simpler ...

With thousands of available products, your customers trust you to help them navigate and select the optimal solution to meet their needs using online pump selection software or other online equipment selection tools 

Most businesses rely on price books, manual selection tools, seller instinct, and generic selectors to accomplish this task which exposes every quote and order to errors that cause delays, incur costs, and compromise your reputation. 

The FPX Intelliquip Selector replaces manual processes with guided, self-service selection that ensures a faster,  more profitable lead-to-order process when selecting pumps, blowers, motors or other types of equipment.


See how our Selector compares to competitors ...

Check out our infographic comparing the pump selection software capabilities of our FPX Intelliquip Selling Cloud to common alternatives. Learn how our decades of industry experience delivers more value to mechanical equipment manufacturers and distributors spanning pumps, compressors, motors, and other types of equipment, helping them win more, win faster and win profitably.


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Read what people are saying ...

FPX had more engineering and pump industry expertise than any other software vendor. Some of their founding partners created the first automated pump selector I ever used. We valued their capabilities and track record. That knowledge shines through in their software.

IT Leader

Pump Manufacturer

It's not just about configuration of products, it's about a cultural transformation of the front end of our business.

President of Global Sales


Unlike other systems, ninety-five percent of what we would ever need is baked into FPX, and they've given us the opportunity to configure it even further to match the uniqueness of our products.

Director of Engineering

A.R. Wilfley