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Transform your business with FPX Predictive Applications.

For many companies, daily business is a tangle of inefficient manual processes and disconnected technology tools, littering the space between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Compounding the situation is the mysterious chaos called Big Data – the bearer of awe-inspiring potential to transform your customers’ buying and selling experiences, but only if harnessed properly.

Fortunately, your company has the potential to escape these enterprise constraints and realize revenue performance, profit margins, and operational efficiencies greater than previously imagined.

With CPQ at the center of an experience management strategy, your organization can bring order and consistency to your business processes while delivering an exceptional user experience to all your buying and selling channels.

The power to do more begins with FPX.

FPX helps companies connect the front office and back office with a CPQ suite of applications that harnesses big data

Your business, to the power of FPX

Only FPX has united two traditionally separate software systems (structured database applications and predictive analytics tools) into a single enterprise-caliber application platform called FPX Predictive Applications™. Our Predictive Applications are Smart – optimizing any complex business process spanning front-end CRM/SFA applications and back-end transactional ERP systems. Doing so increases revenue performance, lowers costs and errors associated with manual sales and order management processes, shortens the buying cycle and lets you engage more prospects.

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FPX offers an experience management platform of applications designed to help businesses as well as their customers enjoy a smarter, faster and better experience from end to end




Welcome to the new paradigm of business computing.

Customer, product, pricing, business attribute – the data needed for business between CRM and ERP is often scattered and siloed, in selling systems, multiple catalogs, spreadsheets, even personal emails and as unwritten “tribal knowledge” in the minds of your team. Our Predictive Applications leverage the power of the cloud to make your Big Data actionable at any interaction point of the selling, service, or logistics process, across all channels.

With FPX's Smart CPQ at the core of your experience management strategy, you can define relationships between disparate data sources – such as product and pricing – and apply any business rule or definition in context to each sales interaction, across all applications. Our suite of Predictive Applications eliminates the data collection problem because the data needed to run the module already resides within the applications. Predictive Applications support any interaction channel (direct, indirect, e-commerce) and are optimized for your deployment preference.

No One Does What FPX Does.

Only FPX Predictive Applications:

  • Successfully combine structured database applications with a predictive analytics engine into a single solution, both revolutionary and proven.
  • Optimize outcomes at any interaction point, across all channels.
  • Are 100% platform-agnostic, working seamlessly across all standards, including, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.
  • Automate any straight-through business process with a single end-to-end application platform.
  • Create and maintain definitions and relationships between customer records, product catalogs, price books, and business rules – without customizations.