Predictive Analytics


Use the present to predict the future.

Unlike traditional business intelligence that reports on past events in order to gain insights, predictive analytics looks for trends in existing data to predict future outcomes. Of course, predictions are only as good as the data used to build the models. Companies must make sense of staggering amounts of information with infinite combinations. Big Data becomes a resource only when users can ask specific questions and access the right information for creating the analytic models.

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FPX makes it possible to use data to offer guided buying and selling to your end users

FPX's Predictive Applicaitons module is about connecting all channels with the big data that drives modern business

Reach customers when and where they want to work with you.

At FPX, our Predictive Applications module also supports any interaction channel and is optimized for your preferred deployment method: direct, indirect, e-commerce, PC, or mobile.

Today, it's all about enacting a true omni-channel strategy that allows customers the freedom and choice to reach you whenever and wherever it works for them. In short, it's all about delivering the best possible customer and user experience.


FPX frees the power of your Big Data.

Our Predictive Analytics engine powers advanced search, data mining and matching utilities for structured and unstructured data sets. By integrating predictive analytics into our suite of experience management applications, data collection is no longer a problem. Our proprietary tool outperforms all others by presenting results and desired outcomes directly into FPX Applications, enabling optimized outcomes at any point of the workflow, customer interaction or transaction process.

With FPX Predictive Analytics, sales teams can glean valuable intelligence by leveraging historical and transactional data from your source systems. In-app price and margin optimization occurs seamlessly at every point of sale, transaction, and opportunity.

Now, labor-intensive quoting becomes true guided selling, improving proposal-to-contract time and profit outcomes. The renewal management process is transformed into prescriptive upselling and cross-selling opportunities. E-commerce sites become optimized revenue channels.