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Selling Across Channels Made Simple.

FPX CPQ makes it easy for manufacturers to sell across direct, indirect & ecommerce channels.

Diversifying your sales channels shouldn't be hard

For manufacturers, it's a simple fact that buyers want to discover and buy your products on their own. Today’s buyers have grown into independent agents, and they expect you to provide them with a simple, easy-to-navigate experience through your direct, indirect and ecommerce channels.

What is your business doing to meet the demands of your buyers? If you're doing nothing, or not taking the right steps, you risk driving buyers into the open arms of the competition. That's where Configure Price Quote (CPQ) comes in. With the ability to streamline your selling process, deliver your products online through a digital experience, you have the tools to become easier to do business with, drive revenue, and please your customers.

New to CPQ? Read the Forrester Wave: Configure-Price-Quote Solutions, Q1 2017 to understand what CPQ is, why it matters to manufacturers, and who the key vendors are:

FPX Sales Channels

CPQ can help manufacturers connect with today's buyers

More and more manufacturing businesses are discovering strong incentives for embracing a digital strategy. According to Forrester Research, omnichannel customers are a B2B business’s best customers for three specific reasons:

  • Digital customers are more active — Digital buyers are more likely than their offline counterparts to both try new products or brands as well as return to existing brands.  They’re also more likely to become repeat, long-term customers of brands offering a simple, enjoyable digital buying experience.
  • Digital customers spend more — According to a Forrester survey, 51% of B2B digital professionals said their omnichannel customers increased their spending with them year over year, with 60% reporting that their customers end up spending more when they interact across multiple channels.
  • Digital customers cost less to support — In the same Forrester research report, it was found that cost savings was the top reason for companies moving their customers to an online channel. 

FPX helps manufacturers from a variety of industries adopt, implement, and execute a smart and simple CPQ strategy to start seeing the benefits of delivering products and services across direct, indirect and ecommerce channels.

Citation: Andy Hoar with Martin Gill, Jacob Milender, and Andrew Reese, Forrester Research, The Case For Omnichannel B2B. October 3, 2016.

FPX CPQ for Manufacturers

FPX simplifies direct sales experience ...

Make it easier for internal sales teams to sell configurable and engineer-to-order products or services. Without CPQ, sales teams are left to configure complex customer quotes and orders manually, often using outdated data residing in legacy systems or tribal knowledge across different areas of the business.

With a CPQ solution built for manufacturers from FPX, even the most inexperienced salesperson can leverage the power of their company's data to quickly configure error-free quotes and proposals, leading to:

  • Enhanced profit margins
  • Increased quoting output
  • Elimination of quoting errors or inaccuracies

FPX CPQ Truck Demo

FPX makes it easier for dealers to sell your products ...

The operating ease of your website, partner portal, or ecommerce platform gives you a major competitive advantage by establishing your company as a destination of choice throughout your various partner distribution channels. The faster manufacturers can arm their dealers and value-added resellers with new product introductions, promotions, and updated pricing, the easier it will be for them to sell.

By transforming the dealer experience with a CPQ solution that allows manufacturers to sell across channels, you effectively provide your sales partners with an automated method of configuring, bundling, and selling your products and services along with those of your individual partners, giving them incentive in the form of:

  • Guided buying and selling functionality
  • Advanced product configuration and bundling
  • Automated workflow and approval processes
  • Faster time to market for new products, promotions, and offers

FPX CPQ Experience

FPX lets manufacturers deliver an amazing digital experience ...

Your customers have become spoiled from their B2C ecommerce engagements, and now expect the same modern buying experience from the B2B purchases. With extensive portfolios of highly-configurable products, many B2B organizations struggle to offer the straightforward, B2C-style ecommerce experience their customers desire.

With our omnichannel CPQ solution powering your ecommerce site, end-buyers are able to browse your entire product catalog, configure bundles or solutions quickly and easily, and make purchases without necessarily requiring direct sales assistance. CPQ advances your organization’s digital commerce strategy with features such as:

  • Prominently displayed customer reviews
  • Interactive product catalogs
  • Personalized settings
  • Real-time support
  • Mobile functionality


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