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What is FPX Presenting at SAP Hybris Digital Summit?

Maybe you’ve heard, but FPX is taking part in SAP Hybris LIVE: Digital Summit, a free online event connecting attendees around the world on March 8, 2017. This global digital event will feature numerous live discussions and on demand presentations revolving around technology and ideas that are driving disruption across all industries.

As a sponsor of this unprecedented event, we’re excited to participate in this global dialogue focused on digital transformation. What will we be talking about? We’re glad you asked.


How to Harness the Power of the Evolving B2B Customer Journey

Today’s business customers have grown accustomed to the daily digital experiences they receive through online retailer sites, social media, mobile devices, streaming services, etc. They want to be empowered and in control of their digital experiences, and they expect the B2B organizations they buy from to enable them to do so.

However, in the B2B environment, companies have been slower to replicate the ease of use and user self-sufficiency that we see in the B2C world. In order to align with modern buyers' expectations, B2B organizations must find a way to transform their intricate sales processes into simple and enjoyable guided- buying and selling experiences across all user touch points, but how?

In his on demand presentation at SAP Hybris LIVE: Digital Summit, Mark Bartlett, Chief Experience Officer for FPX, will discuss this evolving B2B customer journey and how CPQ applications lead the way in helping you facilitate an effective experience management strategy for your business. By doing so, you’ll experience increased customer engagement and loyalty, increased profit margins, and decreased operating costs.

FPX is the Experience Management Platform for B2B Companies

At FPX, CPQ sits at the center of our Experience Management Platform (XMP), helping organizations create a cohesive experience for all users, across all channels. With XMP, customers are guided toward products and configurations that best meet their needs, dealers and distributors can efficiently optimize inventory and pricing, and sales people are enabled to quickly develop accurate quotes and increase order velocity.

“CPQ is no longer just a selling tool. Today, it’s all about delivering an efficient, user-centric experience across all buying and selling channels. CPQ applications give businesses the resources to streamline complex processes, drive greater revenue and deliver on the promise of a better user experience.” – Mark Bartlett, Chief Experience Officer, FPX

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