The Experience Management Future

FPX Chief Executive Officer Dave Batt recently contributed to Manufacturing Business Technology magazine to offer unique insight into CPQ technology's role in helping companies align with the expectations of today's digitally-empowered buyers.

Read an excerpt from Dave's article below:

"Today’s empowered buyers present a serious challenge for many B2B businesses and their sales departments — largely because today’s buyers are spoiled by the simplicity, speed and comprehensive nature of the B2C selling experience.

"They’re omnichannel-savvy and can engage at multiple touchpoints. Think of these buyers reaching out via an ecommerce platform, then being directed to a partner channel, then working with an account executive down the road.

"With nearly unrestricted access to information and the flexibility to buy on any device, these B2C-empowered buyers now have the upper hand in the buying process. This makes them more unpredictable, fickle and demanding, willing to shift loyalties and test new vendors if necessary.

"For manufacturers, attracting and retaining these customers requires new technology solutions that offer the features, functions and flexibility to map to modern buyers. Quickly becoming a must-have for B2B sellers, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) enterprise software is helping businesses streamline complex sales processes. CPQ adoption has accelerated tremendously over the past five years because it enables B2B buyers and sellers to easily navigate complex configurations, thousands of parts (and variables), multiple channel partners and real-time multi-million dollar quotes. In short, CPQ solutions allow manufacturers to deliver B2B sales with the B2C-like experience customers expect."

To read the article in its entirety, click here. To learn more about CPQ and how it can help you deliver a seamless customer buying experience, download our free white paper, "CPQ and the Experience Management Revolution."

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