The Best B2B Ecommerce Technologies To Try Now

In a recent article published by the Huffington Post, Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions are recognized as "must have" technology for B2B brands trying to build engaging ecommerce strategies.

In the piece, Dave Batt, CEO of FPX, describes the complexity problem facing many B2B organizations and offers rationale for investing in CPQ.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

"Configure, Price, Quote software — generally referred to as CPQ — is not new, but it is rapidly becoming a 'must have' solution as more B2B brands with complicated and customizable products join the global ecommerce economy.

"'More often than not, products built for businesses are more complicated than products built for consumers by an order of magnitude,' says Dave Batt, CEO of FPX, a leading provider of CPQ software. 'For example, selling a home security system is easy — you often don’t even need to know how big the home is. On the other hand, selling a business security system can be extremely involved, and requires many questions to be answered and measurements to be made. CPQ software is the solution for making any product, no matter how complicated, easy to shop for — which means you get more sales, and your customers are happier.'

"CPQ applications enable your brand to offer the same efficient buying experience that your customers have come to expect from their personal shopping engagements, without having to compromise on the level of detail and customization you can offer."

To read the full article, click here. To learn more about CPQ and why it's an essential part of an effective B2B ecommerce plan, download our free white paper, "CPQ is a Game Changer for B2B Ecommerce."


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