The Role of B2B E-Commerce in Modern Manufacturing

FPX's chief experience officer, Mark Bartlett, was featured as a contributing author to to discuss ecommerce best practices for today's manufacturers with his article, "The Role of B2B E-Commerce in Modern Manufacturing."

Read Mr. Bartlett's full article, here.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

"B2B ecommerce for manufacturers is an integral part of the industry and is a necessity for success. Tech savvy customers have paved the way for digital purchasing power and the demand to complete purchases easy and seamlessly. Customers now prefer to have the entire process streamlined and automated, so they can see what's happening and the status of their order or service in real time. This all means manufacturers, distributors and businesses alike need commerce sites with functionalities that support and exceed the customer demand, providing a seamless and customer-oriented purchasing experience."

For information on how FPX's leading Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution extends ecommerce capabilities for today's B2B manufacturers, reach out to us today.


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