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MarTech Today: B2B Digital Transformation is More Focused on Customers than Efficiency

Barry Levine of MarTech Today details in his January 2019 article how many B2B companies are turning to improving customer experiences as a significant way to drive more sales, according to the FPX study, "Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience.

Below is a snippet of Levine's article:

"A key insight, Director of Product Marketing Matt Noyes told me via email, is 'the emphasis of Digital Transformation as an initiative that delivers a better [customer] experience as opposed to improving internal processes.'

"He noted this means that manufacturers in particular, which have traditionally focused on selling through internal teams and resellers/vendors, are now 'focused on looking at selling directly to the customer with an emphasis on potentially adding e-commerce channels.'

"Of the 68 percent of respondents engaged in a digital transformation, more than half — 58 percent — say a key goal is providing a better buying experience for customers. And 95 percent of all respondents agree or strongly agree that 'digital transformation funds are best spent on improving the buyer experience.' Meanwhile, 98 percent say enhancing the buyer experience is the best way to drive sales."

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