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MarTech Advisor: Simplifying B2B Digital Transformation

B2B digital transformation and the role of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software are the topics of discussion in this MarTech Advisor interview with FPX Chief Experience Officer Mark Bartlett.

You can read the full interview with Mark, here. Below is an excerpt from the discussion:

"How has the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology offering evolved to meet those changing needs?

"'CPQ technology has evolved to focus more on the customer’s needs by leveraging technologies such as 3D modeling, drag-and-drop functionality, interactive demos and more that allow customers to engage online with product or service offerings. The business landscape is more complicated than ever, and CPQ has kept up with new technology to enable the e-commerce experience that customers want. Leading vendors have also made their CPQ solutions platform agnostic and can source data from existing systems, such as CRM and ERP, to create a holistic solution that is smarter and more effective for the business and customer.'"

Topics: CPQ

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