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Manufacturing.net: Joining the Digital Transformation as a Manufacturer

In a contributing article for Manufacturing.net, FPX's Mark Bartlett, Chief Experience Officer, discusses digital transformation for manufacturers and the role Configure Price Quote (CPQ) should play in their initiatives.

You can read a full version of Mark's article here, or check out an excerpt of his piece below:

"In every industry, buyer expectations are changing. The consumer expectation of simplicity and smooth digital experiences has seeped into the business world, and manufacturers are working to keep up with the changes. This isn’t an easy task, however—most manufacturing companies sell complex products with variations and processes that make a one-size-fits-all digital solution impossible.

"Still, the B2B digital transformation is well underway. An essential part of this process is implementing the right tools to conquer the shifting landscape. While it is important to keep up with competition, some tools may not work for your business, or are difficult to integrate into existing processes. You can position your organization as a manufacturing leader by learning what buyers want and asking the right questions before selecting which tools to implement."

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