Making Warehouses Smarter to Handle Complex Orders

Today's manufacturers must start embracing consumer-oriented technologies to manage inventory, staffing, shipments and more, says Mark Bartlett, chief experience officer for FPX, in his contributing article for B2B E-Commerce World.

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Below is an excerpt from "Making Warehouses Smarter to Handle Complex B2B Orders":

"As the capabilities of smart devices improve and Millennials replace Baby Boomers in the workforce, today’s warehouses actually look more like smart homes. Many of today’s leading logistics companies embrace consumer-based technology and communication styles to manage inventory, track shipments, predict staffing needs and more.

"For instance, a warehouse in Hong Kong uses emojis to categorize shipments, indicating what’s inside each box and where it’s going. Workers simply look for the emoji printed on the box, and handle the package accordingly. Other companies use iPad apps or voice-controlled devices to provide workers with familiar, user-friendly systems.

"Regardless of the technology used, the key to success is for logistics businesses to introduce consumer-facing technologies into the workplace to keep workers comfortable and productive. Apple, Google, and other tech giants have completely revolutionized the way consumers communicate not only with each other, but also with brands. There’s no reason why these innovations should not make their way into business-to-business settings.

"The ultimate goal of this type of digitization is to provide a frictionless experience for the end customer. Today, that means digital self-service, fast shipping and order transparency. But to successfully embrace technology innovations in a warehouse, you need to transform digitally."

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