Make Your Sales Process Easy with These Steps

Selling can be one of the hardest things entrepreneurs have to learn, but taking small steps can have large rewards.

Dave Batt, chief executive officer for FPX, was referenced in a recent article published by Inc. to help describe a few steps businesses can take to simplify their overly-complex sales processes.

Read an excerpt of the article below:

"2. Get Sales Customer Service And Marketing Together

"While they may exist in different business areas, these three departments all have access to information that can help one another. By sharing data and insights on customer complaints, commonly asked questions, issues, and content, sales team members can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

"This can be accomplished in part by scheduling regular communication between these teams. It may also be necessary to modify policies regarding data access as well. Dave Batt, CEO of FPX says, 'More than anything else, customer experience drives sales and loyalty. When members of an organization share information that helps to improve customer experience, everybody benefits.'"

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