Industry Today: The Trucking Sales Revolution

George Haenisch, FPX's VP of Strategic Alliances and Channels, recently contributed to Industry Today to discuss how CPQ technology can help truck manufacturers overcome complexity and deliver better buying and selling experiences.

Read George's entire article here.

Below is an excerpt from piece:

"Big rig sales are skyrocketing – and it’s not difficult to see why. The emergence of ecommerce coupled with increasing demand for freight hauling has led to quite the surge in orders. According to analyst group FTR, first quarter sales for heavy-duty trucks more than doubled from a year ago.

"But while more demand should ideally translate to more revenue, manufacturers are having a tough time keeping up. With hundreds of options and configurations, trucks are often accompanied by a complex ordering process. For fleets that aren’t standardized, this added complexity can extend the configuration and pricing timeline by days or even weeks.

"The result? More orders than manufacturers can handle. ATC research reports the estimated order backlog of 205,000 units is the largest since May 2006. Given the growing gap between shipping capacity and freight demand, relief doesn’t appear to be coming down the pipeline.

"That’s where configure-price-quote (CPQ) solutions can make all the difference. By streamlining the order and configuration process, CPQ solutions satisfy the needs of today’s truck buyers and help manufacturers maximize their earnings."

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