FPX Rises As CPQ Software Takes Off


The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently featured FPX in a Sunday (March 6, 2017) story covering the company's history, the acquisition by HGGC, as well as FPX's elevated status after receiving positive scores from third-party research firms Forrester and Gartner.

Click below to read the article in its entirety (note: Star Tribune limits viewers to 10 articles within a 30 day window).

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Excerpt from the story:

"FPX, a pioneering Minnesota software company that survived three decades of industry change, is accelerating its product development with an infusion of capital from a new owner.

The company has long provided software that lets businesses configure, price and quote their products — a souped-up version of the experience consumers get when they go to a car website and build and price a model.

The market for such software is getting bigger. For many years, companies used such programs, known as configuration engines or CPQ systems, chiefly to arm their sales forces with a tool that could price out a deal."




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