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FPX and Intelliquip Announce Workshop Sessions at ACHEMA Pulse 2021

FPX & Intelliquip To Host Workshops And Live-Streamed Customer Panel Session For The Mechanical Equipment Industry During ACHEMA Pulse 2021: June 15-16. 

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn (May, 21, 2021) - FPX & Intelliquip, the leading provider of digital selling and quoting SaaS solutions for mechanical equipment manufacturers and distributors of pumps, blowers, compressors, valves and more announces its series of workshops and live-streamed panel sessions during the premier digital trade event of the year, ACHEMA Pulse 2021. 

Two workshops: Quote First, Win More, Accurately & Effortlessly | The ROI of Digital Lead-to-Order Transformation (June 15th, 12 pm CDT) and Speed Wins – Skip All the Logins to Sell Faster, Smarter and More Profitably with Intelliquip Distributor System (June 16th, 12 pm CDT), provide roles across sales, engineering, finance, marketing and leadership within manufacturers and sellers of engineered and configurable equipment valuable insights into the proven best practices for digitally transforming lead-to-order processes and increasing efficiency, profitably and revenue. 

A live-streamed panel session featuring FPX & Intelliquip customers on June 15th,1:30-2:00 pm CDT will provide attendees first-hand perspectives on the process and power of digitally transforming using SaaS solutions like Selectors and Configure-Price-Quote (SCPQ) tools. 

“Every three years we know ACHEMA is going to be the premier event bringing thousands of leaders and companies together from around the world,” says Trygve Dahl, General Manager of FPX & Intelliquip. “Although the pandemic has necessitated a digital-first event, the opportunities for sharing knowledge, best practices, innovations, and building relationships all remain central to the experience of ACHEMA. Our team is thrilled to be sharing our newest technological innovations with attendees as well as many of the best practices for successfully transforming to a digital-first lead-to-order process – a topic made even more relevant due to the events of the past year.” 

ACHEMA Pulse 2021 spans June with live-streamed events June 15th-16th. Join this premier event and register at no-charge using code JENDJ at checkout. Attendees can register for sessions from numerous exhibitors. 

About FPX and Intelliquip: 

FPX and Intelliquip is a leading SaaS provider serving mechanical equipment manufacturers and distributors with more than 200,000 global users spanning 182 countries quoting over $40B through the platform. For more than 30 years, FPX has focused on delivering Select-Configure-Price-Quote solutions purpose-built to the unique requirements of the manufacturers and sellers of pumps, compressors, motor, valves, and much more. Since acquiring long-time partner Intelliquip in 2019, the company has expanded its Selling Cloud solution to serve the digital transformation needs of its customers and the market. For more information on how FPX and Intelliquip enables manufacturers and distributors of mechanical equipment to quote and sell faster, more efficiently and more profitably, visit https://www.fpx.com or https://www.intelliquip.com 

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