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FPX Featured in Sales-Initiative.com

FPX helps B2B companies leverage CPQ to connect with buyers

Mark Bartlett, Chief Experience Officer at FPX, was recently featured in sales-initiative.com's Opinions section with his thought leadership piece: "Fulfilling the expectations of today's B2B buyer."

In the article, Mr. Bartlett discusses the evolution of today's B2B buyers from a relatively homogeneous and static demographic into dynamic individuals empowered with the knowledge and confidence to research, compare and purchase products and services autonomously.

Follow the link here to read the article in its entirety.

Excerpt from the article:

"Making a good first impression has never been so important, and savvy sellers understand that to secure the engagement of buyers from the start means rapidly understanding their business challenges and delivering a superior customer experience that can be repeated time after time. New tools are being developed to help sales people adapt to today’s new buying processes, but since many of these work in isolation, they have limitations. One new approach that is beginning to gather pace in the B2B sector is ‘experience management’."

To learn more about FPX and our take on Experience Management strategies for B2B sellers, contact us today.


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