CPQ: A Foundational Component of Digital Experience Platforms

What exactly are digital experience platforms (DXP) and why is Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology such a crucial system for companies making moves to embrace DXP?

Writing for MarTech Series, FPX's chief experience officer, Adam Hatch, offers his explanation and describes why CPQ technology is so important for B2B companies looking to provide better customer experiences.

You can read the full article on MarTech Series, here. Below is a brief excerpt:

"The challenge for businesses that want to embrace DXP is finding the right software products. Many different individual tools or suites can help businesses drastically improve their customer experience offerings. But for B2B businesses that sell complex products, the most crucial technology to incorporate is a CPQ tool.

"CPQ software helps businesses selling complex products and services generate accurate price quotes for customized products through any delivery channel in near real time. This is important for B2B organizations looking to gain a competitive edge as current quoting processes can take days or even weeks, and have margins of error that aren’t always the best.

"To provide a fast and accurate quoting process, CPQ technology brings all of a company’s data, including product catalogs, transaction history, customer information and price books, into one central location. The tool then makes the data accessible and actionable across all engagement points, including e-commerce and partner channels."

For more information on CPQ and the role it plays in improving the customer experience, download our white paper: "CPQ and the Experience Management Revolution."


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