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B2B News Network: FPX Research Shows B2B Firms Pursuing Digital Transformation

Shane Schick, Editor-in-Chief of B2B News Network, reports on the findings of FPX's recent research study, "Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience," in his January 2019 article.

Below is an excerpt from Schick's piece:

"The majority of B2B firms pursuing some kind of digital transformation projects are trying to improve customer experiences — particularly the ability for buyers to make purchases, according to research from configure-price-quote (CPQ) software maker FPX.

"Based on a survey of approximately 230 B2B firms with a strong focus on the manufacturing sector, the study from FPX showed 68 per cent have a digital transformation (DX) project or initiative underway, and 58 per cent said they want to improve the way in which buyers research and make purchases. Among those that don’t, a quarter, or 25 per cent, said they don’t see a problem with the status quo in terms of how their organizations operate."

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