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B2B E-Commerce World: Voice Commerce in B2B?

Voice-controlled ecommerce combined with modern Configure Price Quote technology is bringing customer experience best practices to the next level for B2B companies. Welcome to the next evolution of B2B ecommerce.

FPX's Chief Experience Officer, Mar Bartlett, covers this topic in depth as a contributor to B2B Ecommerce World. You can read his full article, titled "Voice Commerce in B2B? It's Not as Crazy as You Think," here.

Below is a short excerpt from his article:

"One in six U.S. adults owns a voice-controlled device, and experts predict that voice shopping will generate $40 billion in sales across the United States and the United Kingdom by 2022. But as people become more comfortable with voice in their consumer lives, will the technology also bleed into their B2B behaviors? The idea isn’t as crazy as you may think.

"Voice ordering offers an opportunity for B2B businesses to improve sales processes as the industry grows and evolves. To predict the future growth of voice in the B2B space, consider the history of desktop and mobile ordering—both channels achieved popularity in the consumer world before influencing B2B buying habits. For these channels, people once had to follow a series of prompts and menus to configure a simple product, but they can now easily configure a product in 3D or even augmented reality in some cases. Voice has the potential to be that next channel.

"But right now Alexa, Google Home and other devices can only handle transactions for simple business products like pens and paper. For voice to successfully transform business buying processes, the technology must be able to handle complex transactions, like ordering a custom-built semi-truck."

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