3 Ways for B2B Companies to Efficiently Retain Their Customers

FPX was mentioned in an article published by Entrepreneur titled, "3 Ways for B2B Companies to Efficiently Retain Their Customers."

In the piece, the author draws from a previously-published FPX blog post on consultative selling to identify best practices for identifying and categorizing today's B2B buyers.

Read an excerpt of the article below:

"For every kind of business, numerous customer metrics exist to help entrepreneurs keep on top of their customers' buying patterns and behavior. Perhaps the best place to start is knowing to what category your customers belong.

"In an article on consultative selling, FPX identified two broad categories of buyers: 'small-fish' buyers and 'big-fish' buyers. The former category is what I like to call the 'drive-by' buyers. These buyers are not big on loyalty. They have their eyes on the prize, and by that I mean the best deals they can get, regardless of the seller they get it from. Beyond that, they are not really keen on long-term business relationships.

"Big-fish buyers, in contrast, are more intentional and less volatile in their approach to business dealings. These guys are in it for the long haul, or at least one longer than that of the small-fish buyers. This is especially true when the B2B business they are dealing with offers products/services that require them to work hand in hand with the seller from the first contact to purchase and installation.

"Once you are able to correctly lump your buyers into these categories, you'll find it easier to develop more targeted marketing campaigns without spending over the top for either."

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