MSU, Mankato Honors FPX for Commitment to Internship Program

MANKATO, Minn. - September 21, 2016 - FPX, an enterprise software solution provider, will be honored at the 22nd Annual Purple and Gold Gala, a formal event put on by the Minnesota State University (MSU), Mankato Foundation to celebrate lifetime donation achievements of university partners.

FPX will be recognized this year for reaching the Benefactors level ($500,000+) of contribution to Project FPX, an internship program that provides students in the university’s Computer Information Science Department real-world software testing and development experience. Currently in its sixth year, Project FPX has been extended through August 2018 thanks to FPX’s commitment to donate more than $686,000 to the program.

“Project FPX has a dramatic impact on the recruitment of technology students to the Computer Information Science Department’s programs,” said Dr. Mike Wells, director of Project FPX and department faculty member. “The real world experience gained by its participants is invaluable as shown by the 100 percent job placement of students graduating from this project.”

FPX will join the other corporate and individual honorees being recognized at this year’s event as they’re inducted into the Purple and Gold Society based on their cumulative giving totals.

“We’re very proud to be involved with an institution of higher education that takes the practical learning of their students so seriously," said Brad Wosmek, QA and Development Director at FPX and coordinator of Project FPX. "Attending this gala demonstrates the close relationship between MSU and FPX.”

The MSU Mankato Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to securing private scholarship support and grants for student research. More information on the 22nd Annual Purple and Gold Gala is available online.

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