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FPX CPQ for Medical Device Manufacturing.

Drive revenue with enterprise CPQ

The right solution, at the right price, to the right customer ...

There’s no substitute for experience in an industry where change is a constant. For medical device manufacturers, this reality is compounded by the challenge of mapping to buyers with lofty expectations. At FPX, our enterprise CPQ solution makes it possible for medical device manufacturers as well as their partners and resellers to quickly, efficiently and accurately configure, price, quote and deliver complex products and services across channels.

  • Manage constantly-changing libraries of complex customer data, business rules, pricing models, and product information
  • Empower resellers and distributors to price, quote and configure products and services while delivering bundles and optimized pricing
  • Enable end-users to configure, price and quote products via an ecommerce portal
  • Guide sellers through the configuration processes with data-driven guided selling, upsell and cross-sell

At FPX, we excel at helping companies in medical device manufacturing and healthcare realize tangible results by leveraging the power and agility CPQ brings to their sales processes. To read more about our Industry Vertical Solutions, download the guide and contact us directly by visiting fpx.com.

Medical Device Manufacturing

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