Interactive Rules Application


One source, simple and supreme.

The incredible superiority of FPX Predictive Applications can be traced to one underlying force: FPX Interactive Rules Application. Our Interactive Rules Application is the essential link for companies to run their most sophisticated business processes in the cloud with confidence.

Once, companies were mired in inefficient, manual processes to produce quotes and generate accurate proposals and sales orders. Why? Because the key ingredients to fulfill these processes resided in disparate systems, like price books, product catalogs and customer records.

Our Interactive Rules Application allows organizations to create a master commercial definition - often for the very first time - by establishing one source for creating and maintaining the ever-changing business attributes that affect how your company acquires new customers, renews and retains existing customers, and offers new products and services to existing customers.

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FPX's interactive rules application makes it possible to leave behind inefficient processes and create a master commercial definition to ensure order accuracy across yoru organization

All your business data and definitions, at your command.

Customer definitions, product data sets and pricing definitions – the lifeblood of your company is scattered throughout specialized systems that do not ‘talk’ to each other. If your company is focused on improving top-line revenue results or lowering the cost of goods sold, you must be able to pull these divergent systems together.

Our Interactive Rules Application is the conduit application able to source these and other data sets from multiple systems, create rules and relationships between independent attributes and make it actionable – for optimal business results.

Gather and translate all your data in a master commercial definition to make the process of buying and selling that much easier

A portfolio of applications, because one size does not fit all.

FPX makes it possible to harness your data and use to propel your business forward
Enterprise Edition: Our robust on-premise application for customers who prefer to manage their data sets, rules and definitions behind their own firewalls.
With cloud-based technologies, FPX helps businesses leverage CPQ capabilitiesa cross their organizations
Cloud Edition: Our internet application for customers with distributed workgroups who work ‘glocal’ – global standards but locally relevant.
FPX has product-built integrations that make it easy to connect CPQ to your existing technologies stack Edition: Our native application for subscribers.