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FPX for Fluid Handling Equipment
Powered by Intelliquip

Product Selection & Configure Price Quote Solutions for Manufacturers

Sell Fluid Handling Equipment Faster & More Profitably with FPX Intelliquip Selling Cloud ...

Pumps, Valves, Blowers, Compressors, Couplings, Seals, Motors, Filters, Fans and everything in between—manufacturers of this highly engineered equipment often struggle with the intricate process of selecting, configuring, pricing, quoting and selling their products and solutions.


With the FPX Intelliquip Selling Cloud our experts have combined 120+ years of experience in industries related to Fluid Handling Equipment in one solution. With this depth of knowledge driving our industry-aligned Select Configure Price Quote (SCPQ) solutions, we help manufacturers of fluid handling equipment sell more, sell faster and sell more profitably.



Product Selection & Quoting Software Designed for Your Industry

When your products have nearly endless configuration possibilities and technical performance calculations to consider, using manual spreadsheets and tribal knowledge to quote your products just isn't going to work. Separately, if your sales process hinges on a legacy quoting system that you've outgrown, you're likely missing out on added revenue on every deal.

With FPX Intelliquip Selling Cloud, manufacturers and distributors of fluid handling equipment can overcome their most pressing business challenges and deliver better buying and selling experiences that equate to more revenue and higher profit margins:

  • Accurately select the right equipment for the job based on the Conditions of Service (COS)
  • Decrease quoting cycles from weeks to minutes and close deals more frequently
  • Preserve decades of product knowledge in a single cloud-based quoting solution
  • Guarantee 100% product and pricing accuracy at all times
  • Give distributors, reps and agents the ability to accurately select, configure, quote and sell your full portfolio of products like internal products experts



Our Industry Expertise Becomes Your Competitive Advantage

Intelliquip has been the industry standard for pump and blower selection tools for 20 years, and the company's combined 120+ years of experience allows them to develop the most intuitive, powerful and fastest software solutions for manufacturers of highly engineered fluid handling equipment.

With a lack of CPQ solutions specifically aligned to the needs of fluid handling equipment manufacturers, FPX and Intelliquip's joint Selector and CPQ offering stands out as a lower-cost solution that's quicker to implement and delivers more functionality than other vendors.

The FPX Intelliquip Selling Cloud Advantage:

  • Selector and CPQ solutions designed to speak your language (advanced product selection, unit of measure support, GA drawings, performance & construction data sheets)
  • Expertise in sales processes for PD & centrifugal pumps, blowers, compressors, valves, actuators, motors, seals, couplings, etc.
  • Lower-cost implementations and faster time-to-market
  • Training and support delivered by mechanical engineers and industry experts
  • Unmatched product innovation
  • Prioritized focus on team-based, multi-user and multi-channel buying & selling experiences


We Deliver Proven Results

With solutions aligned for their unique requirements, and benefiting from FPX and Intelliquip's decades of industry expertise, our joint customers regularly achieve results like:

  • 30% more accurate product selections
  • 38% increase in overall sales productivity
  • 4% revenue growth
  • 600%+ average annual rate of return on investment


Ready to learn more about FPX Intelliquip Selling Cloud for leading Fluid Handling Equipment manufacturers and distributors? Reach out today and get in touch with one of our experts.


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