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FPX CPQ for High-Tech Manufacturing.

Bringing innovation to leading tech manufacturers and dealers

Enterprise CPQ drives revenue and customer loyalty ...

For high-tech manufacturers around the world, success means delivering innovative products and solutions to customers who expect efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately, results. At FPX, our enterprise CPQ solution makes it possible for companies to configure, price, quote and deliver these complex products and services across all channels - efficiently and effectively.

Our solution allows high-tech companies and their partner networks to:

  • Deliver solutions easily with simple configuration, drag-and-drop and 2D and 3D product modeling
  • Faster sales cycles by delivering accurate quotes and orders via automated processes
  • A more focused sales team that can confidently configure, price and sell solutions knowing the data is 100% correct
  • Upsell and cross-sell solutions with the help of data-driven recommendations

At FPX, our solution is proven to bring enterprise organizations closer to their customers. With more than 30 years of experience and unmatched domain expertise, we are the CPQ vendor for B2B buyers and sellers looking to excel in this era of Digital Transformation.

Learn more by downloading our Industry Vertical Solution guide and contact us directly at fpx.com.

CPQ for High-Tech Manufacturing

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