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Innovative CPQ For High-Tech Manufacturing.

The Power And Agility To Sell Smarter And Faster ...

Whether streamlining configuration, pricing and sales processes of complex solutions across vast supplier networks, or taking your enterprise online via a comprehensive commerce solution, high-tech sellers and manufacturers must provide a seamless experience to partners as well as direct-buy customers to attract and retain modern buyers.

While other CPQ solutions are great sales quoting tools, they are limited by their focus on quote-to-cash and are tightly coupled to specific CRM solutions. Our approach is different. Our flexibility is what gives our customers the agility to scale and deliver products and services across an evolving ecosystem of buying and selling channels. It’s proven that we handle complexity, streamline processes and enable omnichannel sales better than any other CPQ vendor on the market.

FPX enables high-tech manufacturers and sellers to maximize order potential and profitability by offerings:

  • Real-time price optimization based on products, bundles and promotions
  • Automatically recommend logical and personalized add-ons and bundles
  • Responsive interface extends business processes to any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Enable sales, partners and customers with data-driven guided buying and selling
  • Empower buyers as well as sales by delivering true multi-channel enablement
  • Dynamic document generation creates 100% accurate, customizable quotes and proposals
  • Provide customers with drag-and-drop, real-time 2D and 3D configuration visualizations

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