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FPX Healthcare Solutions.

CPQ for health insurance providers and medical device manufacturers.

Automated Quote Generation and Contract Renewals ...

Whether selling health insurance or manufacturing specialized medical equipment, companies in healthcare-related markets typically operate with highly-sophisticated sales processes.

At FPX, we’ve worked with many of the world’s leading health care providers and manufacturers, helping them simplify their complex processes involving quote generation, contract renewals, compliance regulations, and order fulfillment.

With our enterprise Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) application, medical device manufacturers leverage specific customer, product, and pricing data, as well as unique business rules and attributes from a central location, allowing them to ensure quoting accuracy, shorter sales cycles, and margin retention for end customers regardless of geography or channel.

Also, with pre-built solutions for health insurance providers, FPX helps leading healthcare companies automate lengthy health plan renewal processes, often reducing renewal timelines for customers from days or weeks to just a few minutes.

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