FPX helps companies like GENBAND sell smarter, faster and better with CPQ solutions.
Proposals and quotes go out faster with a comprehensive CPQ application


Increase in proposal
generation per FPX.

With FPX, companies like GENBAND see measurable results in increased quotes each month


Increase in quotes per

FPX helped GENBAND do more

GENBAND® provides market-leading IP switching, application, networking and service solutions in more than 600 customer networks spanning 80 countries. Aware that an empowered sales team is key to continued growth, GENBAND hired FPX to standardize, simplify and speed its sales processes, without taxing its IT services department.

In 2008, we responded with a scalable best-in-class platform that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce® on the front end and Oracle E-Business Suite® on the back.

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FPX dominates the middle office, making it possible for businesses to sell faster and more accurately



  • Sales reps can easily and independently configure orders of complex products (from $500,000 to $5 million) with complex business and pricing rules, with nearly 100% accuracy.
  • The need to adjust quotes after presentation to customers has been eliminated.
  • Approvals from other departments, such as finance, engineering and legal, has been dramatically facilitated.
  • Professional and consistent sales proposals are generated across every GENBAND product line and portfolio.
  • Long-term flexibility required for company and product growth is now in place.
  • Overall productivity and profitability has increased.