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The Total Economic Impact™ of FPX CPQ

A study of the cost savings and business benefits experienced by FPX customers.
Commissioned by FPX; delivered by Forrester Consulting.
The Total Economic Impact of FPX CPQ

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Three-Year Impact of FPX CPQ

Based on an analysis of FPX CPQ customer feedback and quantified benefit, cost, risk, and flexibility factors, below are some three-year results of implementing FPX CPQ. Reach out to us for a full copy of the study.
FPX CPQ return on investment
315% return on investment
Reduced sales cycle
70% reduction in length of sales cycle
FPX CPQ payback
$38.4MM payback after 7 months

FPX customer

FPX Customer
Director of Sales Enablement, High Tech Company

"We selected the CPQ project over CRM and eCommerce projects because we projected a first-year return of more than $5 million to the business, representing a higher return profile than any other project in our IT portfolio. FPX CPQ continues to outpace the rate of return of all other IT projects... I can say from experience, 'Start with CPQ and then implement these other systems, as you will create quick wins and tangible ROI'."