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FPX CPQ for Financial Services.

CPQ brings power and agility to a changing financial landscape

Leading financial services companies run on CPQ ...

At FPX, our deep domain expertise is informed by more than 30 years of experience. As the inventors of CPQ, we’ve been helping leading financial services companies manage, configure, quote, and price policies, products and services directly to customers or through complex networks of bankers, brokers, financial planners and advisors, as well as ecommerce platforms.

  • Quickly and accurately provide partners and customers to built, qualify, renew and manage policies and services
  • Quickly draft, compare and edit proposals, quotes and other documents
  • Guide users through the process of building a policy or services with data-driven guided buying and selling
  • Extend the value of our solution with automated processes and renewals

With FPX, financial services companies are benefiting from the power and agility provided by our enterprise CPQ solution. To learn more about our Industry Vertical Solutions, download the guide and reach out to us by visiting fpx.com.

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