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FPX is Experience Management Platform (XMP)


Our Experience Management Platform helps businesses unlock the value of today's empowered B2B customers.

Expectations have changed | Customers demand a better experience 

In today's competitive business-to-business (B2B) world, buyers and sellers are independent agents, and the journeys customers take to engage with your business are complex and rapidly changing.

Customers now reach your business how, when and wherever they want - whether that means engaging with a salesperson, working with partners, or completing transactions independently through ecommerce. Customers are empowered and have rising expectations for their digital experiences.

To unlock the potential value of these empowered customers, businesses must streamline the customer journey and deliver a consistent, enjoyable experience for all users.


 Rise to the challenge of delivering a better user experience

For many businesses, it's a constant struggle to rise to the challenge of better experience management. Their current processes and tools are disconnected — spanning the front, middle, and back offices. They plan initiatives by system, feature and function — they are so focused on using discrete technologies to solve isolated problems that they create siloed, fragmented solutions that fail to consider the entire customer journey.

At FPX, we simplify intricate buying and selling processes with technical solutions that align to modern customer expectations. We enable businesses to reduce complexity while creating a cohesive experience for all users, across all channels and touchpoints.

Customers are guided toward products and configurations that best meet their needs, dealers and distributors can efficiently optimize inventory and pricing, and salespeople are enabled to quickly develop accurate quotes and increase order velocity.

We call this people-centric approach to solving complex technical challenges Experience Management.

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XMP | FPX's Experience Management Platform of applications

Combining FPX’s Smart CPQ, Smart Contract Management and other core solutions, our Experience Management Platform (XMP) harmonizes complex features and functions; unifies diverse roles, systems and data sources; and automates processes and workflow with predictive analytics and machine learning.

With XMP, we enable businesses to unlock the value of today's empowered customer — to maximize engagement and loyalty, increase margin and decrease costs.

   Smart CPQ

  • At the core of XMP is our industry leading CPQ application... read more.

    Smart Contract Management

  • Automatically define and optimize workflow
    for the entire contract process... read more.

    Predictive Analytics

  • Leverage your data into one of your most powerful resources.. read more.

Together, we can harness the power of the customer journey

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FPX is the Experience Management Platform for B2B buyers and sellers. Learn more about XMP and how our team can help you streamline all buying and selling channels to offer a seamless, personalized and pleasurable user experience.


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