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CPQ that Powers Energy & Utilities Industries

Improving buying and selling experiences for leading energy providers.

Increase Operational Efficiency and Lower Costs ...

Companies that produce and distribute electricity, gas, water, or other utilities can struggle to simplify their remarkably intricate and repetitive sales and contract management processes to meet rising customer expectations.

With an enterprise-caliber Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solution from FPX, leading energy and utilities providers completely automate their complex processes for quoting, billing, maintenance requests, as well as contract generation and management. With a single cloud application to manage metered and unmetered pricing models and simplify the payment process for end customers, providers reduce costs and inefficiencies while establishing a modern buying experience.

With a deep customer portfolio including global energy leaders such as Wayne Fueling Systems, we’re able to implement out-of-the-box CPQ solutions that are specific to various utilities industries and organizations.

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