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FPX CPQ Solutions Tailored To Manufacturers.

CPQ brings leading manufacturers closer to the customer

Our domain expertise guiding your business ...

At FPX, we bring more than 30 years of experience and unmatched domain expertise to bear on solving complex configuration, quoting and selling challenges. By helping manufacturers producing a wide variety of products and services deliver consistent, accurate and timely solutions to customers as well as partners, dealers and resellers, we help these B2B companies drive buyer loyalty, increase revenue and improve margins.

  • Shorten the spec-to-deliver time cycle
  • Become more efficient with error reduction, fewer reworks and automated processes
  • Maintain pricing, discounting and bundling across your network
  • Deliver on the promise of a comprehensive ecommerce solution backed by CPQ
  • Ensure 100% accurate configurations, pricing and quotes

With FPX, leading manufacturers are discovering the power and agility provided by an enterprise CPQ solution. To learn more about our Industry Vertical Solutions, download the guide and contact us by visiting fpx.com.


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