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Download the Data Sheet: FPX and SAP Hybris.

Embrace Complexity To Enhance The Customer Experience

Deliver enhanced power and agility across SAP Hybris Commerce...

FPX CPQ empowers SAP Hybris Commerce solution users to deliver a beautiful, seamless, B2C-like experience. It offers customers purchasing the world's most complex B2B products, services, bundles and solutions and easy-to-use experience. With FPX CPQ and SAP Hybris Commerce, you'll benefit from features like:

  • Seamless integration with SAP Hybris
  • Increase the number of configurable and compatible solutions
  • Anticipate and respond to changes such as new business models, regulatory compliance, and mergers and acquisitions

Download the FPX + SAP Hybris data sheet!

FPX and SAP Hybris data sheet

Get the FPX Data Sheet ...

FPX CPQ Data Sheet Form