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Rules-Based Configuration

Guarantee the right configuration, at the right price, every time

Our rules-based configuration engine powers your business to faster, smarter selling ...

The simple truth is that most CPQ vendors can build just about any solution that your business wants. But there’s a big difference between shelling out for custom code and buying a powerful out-of-the-box application.

At FPX, our rules-based engine and its use of data modeling make it easier for manufacturers to accurately sell their most complicated and configurable products and services. With FPX, gone are the days of order errors and make-it-right costs. Manufacturers can easily add new products, rules, options, and other data to further define your solution quickly and independently — without the need for custom coding. 

CPQ Powers Businesses Faster Smarter

Create a single source of truth for your data ...

As a platform-agnostic, modular solution, FPX allows manufacturers to unify customer data, product catalogs, price books, rules and business attributes from diverse systems of record into a single location with our productized integrations with leading platforms such as Salesforce, SAP C4C, SAP Hybris, Oracle, IBM, Adobe/Magento and Microsoft.

Our engine connects diverse data types and sources to create what we call the single sources of truth for the business, which doesn’t require costly IT development or maintenance.

With FPX, manufacturers can deliver an optimized and personalized buying and selling experience — the right product, to the right customer, for the right price — regardless of channel.

Still curious about how we can turn your data into an invaluable selling tool? Download the short data sheet: Data Modeling as a Differentiator:



FPX CPQ Experience

Sell more with all your business data at your command ...

Customer definitions, product data sets and pricing definitions - the lifeblood of your company is scattered throughout specialized systems that do not “talk” to each other. If you are focused on improving top-line revenue or lowering the cost of goods sold, you must be able to pull these divergent systems together - and CPQ can help with that.

At FPX, our application is able to source data sets from multiple systems, create rules and relationships between independent attributes and make it actionable - allowing your teams to use data to inform pricing, promotions and product offerings to ensure your customer receives the right solution, each and every time.


Gather the ingredients for creating a single source of truth?

  • Price Books
  • Product Catalogs
  • Customer Data
  • Business Logic and Rules

FPX CPQ Experience

FPX delivers the speed, simplicity and agility you need to sell more ...

With FPX CPQ, manufacturers and other businesses can:

  • Accelerate new product introductions and changes in pricing programs
  • Achieve higher rates of return with targeted offers and promotions
  • Respond quickly to changes in the business such as new business models, regulatory compliance and mergers and acquisitions.


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Read what people are saying ...

FPX implemented a solution which seamlessly integrates mandatory processes with our FPX CPQ application and our CRM system. Immediately, the accuracy of our on-demand sales quotes improved dramatically.
Corey Bischoff

Corey Bischoff

Interactive Intelligence

In today's market, being comfortable means leaving money on the table. Modern customers want to buy the right products in their preferred channel. This is where CPQ solutions can help.
Forrester Research

Forrester Research

FPX has been a partner of ours since the very first day. We came up with FPX as the answer back then and it's grown with us since. Having FPX's solution on the front end is one of the keys to our success with Salesforce.