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Why I Joined FPX | Russell Scherwin, CRO

Russell Scherwin, Former CMO of IBM Watson Commerce, shares his excitement and thought process around the big career move

Simply put, because FPX has a differentiated offering for a large segment of a fast-growing market - and I see an opportunity to drive significant growth - for FPX and its customers - while having a great time with a great team.

I've been asked "Why FPX?" a number of times since leaving IBM - sharing my thought process, and excitement for the market and company:

1. Relevant, large, fast growing market

Per Gartner, FPX operates in a large ($1.1B), fast growing market (25% CAGR through 2020), focused on improving B2B customers’ pricing and quoting operations.

Winning B2B businesses recognize that selling is a team sport and fast, effective quoting and pricing operations create a clear competitive advantage. With the quote being the intersection of market strategy and sales execution, we're helping customers win more, win fast, and win profitably.

I'm excited to wake up every day focused on a market in which me and my team will make a direct impact on our client’s growth, and our growth.

2. Differentiated offering for a lucrative segment

Anyone who's been in this space for a while knows that FPX's offering gives it a unique ability to simplify selling, for firms with highly complex configurable products and services.

Fundamentally, I believe that B2B organizations with complex offerings need to simplify the sale of their offerings and do so in a manner that's consistent across all buying channels. Winning organizations will ensure a brilliant customer experience spanning interactions with sellers, with B2B Commerce sites, and with partners and distributors.

I love that FPX's strengths lie in serving this high value segment, which to date has not been properly addressed.

3. Great Team

A great team with great assets equals high expectations. And my expectations are high. I have been highly impressed with everyone at FPX I've met. It's rare to find this quality of vision and strategy with an execution mindset, on top of leading capabilities creating significant value for leading B2B customers.

Netting it out - I couldn't pass up such a great opportunity for taking a differentiated offering into a critically important, fast growing market segment - with an energized team and ecosystem already inspired by the mission at hand.

Want to learn more about how FPX can help your business simplify its selling processes? Get in touch.


Russell Scherwin

Russell Scherwin

Leading commerce sales, marketing, strategy, and consulting teams for over 20 years, Russell has worked with hundreds of organizations in shaping go-to-market strategies and execution plans.

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