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6 Problems CPQ Can Help CFOs Solve


Posted by Grant Stanis - 22 September, 2020

By Grant Stanis - 22 September, 2020

6 Problems CPQ Can Help CFOs Solve

CPQ can help you solve a lot of problems—which is why, as a...

By Grant Stanis - 15 September, 2020

What CFOs Can Do When Your Board Gives You Pressure

When it comes to boards putting pressure on CFOs, it...

By Russell Scherwin - 02 September, 2020

What Niche CPQ Means—and How It Can Make All the Difference

By now you’re probably familiar with Gartner’s famous Magic...

By Grant Stanis - 25 August, 2020

One CFO's Perspective

FPX CFO Grant Stanis was kind enough to sit down with us...

By Trygve Dahl, Ph.D. P.E. - 18 August, 2020

How Does Your Homegrown Quoting Solution Compare to a Vendor's?

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently been discussing...

By Grant Stanis - 11 August, 2020

CFOs: The Time to Pivot is Now

It’s a lot easier to be a CFO when a company is growing,...

By Trygve Dahl, Ph.D. P.E. - 28 July, 2020

Homegrown vs. Third-Party Quoting Solutions: When to Transition

It’s common to take pride in your company’s homegrown...

By Russell Scherwin and Grant Stanis - 21 July, 2020

Optimizing Deals for Margin while Accelerating Sales Cycles

If you’re a CFO or VP of Finance, we understand you’re...

By Russell Scherwin - 16 June, 2020

The Age of Customer Self-Sufficiency in Manufacturing

Manufacturers are facing a lot of disruption due to digital...

By Russell Scherwin - 20 May, 2020

Key Indicators Say Manufacturing is Growing

Despite the uncertainties that exist in today’s economic...